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We are seeking to foster integration of soul and spirit into the lives and work of mental health professionals as well as into human lives. Too often people are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, then given a pill to “make it go away.” If the diagnosis was correct, the medication might relieve the symptoms; as such we should be aware of how prescribed medications affect the body, soul, and spirit, and their consequences. Research shows that, over the longer term, these interventions decline in effectiveness, often leaving a person in worse shape than before — and, from our point of view, perhaps missing an important learning opportunity underlying the mental health challenge that has occurred in their lives.

Because mainstream psychology is, to a great extent, following a pharmacological path – or toward brief formula-fix-it therapies, anthroposophic psychology makes the opposite case. Instead of a reductionist molecular biological picture of the human being, apparent in the contemporary emphasis on pharmacological treatment, anthroposophic psychology places the psycho-spiritual dimensions of human nature alongside of the physical one as of equal value while distinguishing the soul-spiritual nature from the body. The world is getting more challenging, and we need to ready our souls to meet the challenges of our time.

Membership in AAP includes joining a fellowship of those who are earnestly engaged in exploring the heights, depths and widths of human nature; a community of individuals who are invested in wisely meeting mental health concerns. This is not a membership organization where members vote for board or officers or faculty.

As AAP receives regular requests for referrals, we plan to list professionals in categories 2 and 3 below.

There are three kinds of membership:

  1. Friends of AAP Psychology, who support this work and would like access to Member communications and downloads. $40/year.

  2. Practitioners (psychologists, social workers, pastoral counselors, life-coaches, etc. — any who offer counseling as part of their work), who have completed one of the three-year courses of AAP at the “competency” level, or its equivalent. This allows access to Member communications and downloads, and a listing in our Referrals page (not yet set up) to those who are seeking assistance from a professional strengthened by anthroposophic psychology. $70/year.  NOTE:  Practitioner Level is subject to Faculty Approval.

  3. Professionals, who have been recognized by the international officials in anthroposophic psychology, in accord with guidelines from the Medical Section of the School for Spiritual Science, IFAPA (the International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations, linking the associations and trainings from all over the world), and IKAM (International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine). This level of membership is in process of being formulated with IFAPA and IKAM.  This allows access to Member communications and downloads, and adding of your name to our list of referrals given to those who inquire for your kind of expertise. $80/year (to be offered in the near future).

NOTE: A portion of your annual fee is sent to AAMTA (Association of Anthroposophic Medicines & Therapies in America) and to IFAPA (International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations, based in Dornach, Switzerland).

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